Moosehead Lake Focus Group

Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Greenville, Maine 04441

Meeting Minutes for May 10, 2024

 Called to Order: 10:00 AM

Record attendance:

X—-Ice Angler_______________________________     Ben Greenwood

X—-Open water angler_________________________     Bill Sawyer

X—-River Angler ______________________________   Bob Hamer

X—-M.L.F.C _________________________________    Ken Rodgerson 

X—-Private Camp owner______________________         Stephen Cole

X—-Economic interest__________________________   Craig Watt      

X—-Sporting Camp owner_______________________   John McIver

X—-Guide_________________________________         Dan Legere

X—-Regional Biologist_________________________       Tim Obrey

X—-IF&W Advisory Council_____________________      Eric Ward

Guests:           Steve Seeback- ME IF&W,                                         



I.   IF&W staff report:

  • 2023 Summer voluntary data

Salmon catch rate was down a little but still good. Brook trout catch rates were up a little this year. Lake trout catch for >18” was up, and <18” was also up.

  • Bass Model

Tim presented a numerical model for Bass survival. Young bass hatch in late June or early July, but if the water is too cold, they do not survive. Those that survive initially must grow to a size that will allow them to get through the winter before the onset of cold, therefore the bass survival in Moosehead Lake is low. However, we now are seeing a significant migration into the lake from the Moose River drainage which is discouraging.

  • 2024 Ice fishing data

Lake trout catch rate was down a little for >18” but about the same as last year for <18’ fish. Brook trout catch rates up this winter. Salmon catch rate continued to be good. The K factor for lake trout was up a little but still below the goal of 0.85. The volume of smelts in stomachs was lower than expected. The brook trout catch rate was up, which is a good sign. The salmon catch rate was down but still in a good range. The K factor for the salmon remains below the goal.

  • Measurable objectives

The lake use for 2024 is about 12k days which is below the goal of 15k. Catch rates for brook trout and salmon are good, and the catch rate for lake trout is above the objective and too few are being harvested. We need to convince anglers to keep more of their lake trout harvest.

  • Ice fishing derby

Ticket sales were 645 and 184 youth. Biggest laker was 14.5 lbs.


  • Steve Seeback reported on his work on Moose River, Drift nets for collecting smelt have shown a good increase in the smelt coming down the river. The estimate for 2023 was 197k but he has seen 1.1 million so far in 2024.

                        The work on North Brook in Lily Bay showed the largest run ever recorded in 2023 and it looks like 2024 will be a good year as well.

                        Moving the red posts marking the no fishing line was discussed. It was decided to move the markers to the down stream side of the bridge.

  • Planned work

                        The smelt research on North Brook will continue. One clerk will be doing a creel survey. Trap netting in the East Outlet fishway is planned. A creel survey of Roach River is planned for September. Fall trap netting at the Junction will be done. Lake trout trapping and pit tagging is also planned.


II. Regulations

No notable changes to regulations

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned around 11:30 AM         

Next Meeting: Date: December ??  2024

                                    Time:  10:00 AM

                                    Place:  IF&W Office, Greenville