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IF&W Fisheries Report 10-02-2017

fishery rept 10-2-17  Interesting article on smelt

24 Oct

Fisheries Report August 4, 2017

Recent report provided by IF&W regional biologist, fisheries report 8-4-17

9 Aug

How to cook Lake Trout

Maybe not news, but maybe of interest. MLFC produced a Lake Trout cook book a few years back. The introduction and one recipe

10 Jul

Moosehead still has big Brook Trout

Malcolm Batchelder finally got his big one.

Brook Trout weighing 5.9 pounds

Length 26 inches

Caught on June 23, 2017

1 Jul

Article on Chesuncook Lake Salmon (click the link)

fisheries report 6-23-17

30 Jun

Letter to Membership June 2017

A bit of History and Background

The Moosehead Lake Fisheries Coalition (MLFC) was founded by a group concerned about the downward spiral of the

16 Jun

Interesting Article on Brook Trout (click the link)

Moosehead Lake Fishing Report 6-9-17 – BKT stocking

14 Jun

Hooked on Fishing


The MLFC helped sponsor a Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs program on June 10 at Gravel

14 Jun

Eagle Breakfast

This is what happened last week when the released fish didn’t dive quite quick enough, breakfast for the eagle family.

12 Jun